Turns out you’ve been using your garlic press wrong for years

garlic press

You won’t believe your eyes when you see how you’re actually meant to use a garlic press!

Even if you’ve been using a garlic press for years and you think you know what the best way to use it is, you’re probably wrong. Because as it turns out, we’ve been using our garlic presses wrong for all these years! You’re not going to believe this…

This is the right way to use it.


The garlic press is one of the handiest things we’ve got lying in our kitchen drawer. It gives us the possibility to add garlic to the dishes we cook in such tiny pieces that we don’t run the risk of biting into a big chunk of garlic while we’re eating. Plus, it also means our fingers won’t get so smelly because we don’t have to slice the garlic by hand. But did you know you’ve probably been using your garlic press wrong your entire life? To be more specific, you’ve been putting the garlic into the press all wrong.


Because we still have to touch the clove of garlic when we’re taking off the peel, so your fingers can still get smelly then. Well, what if we told you there’s no need to take off the peel? You can just put it in the garlic press with its peel still on! When you put the unpeeled clove in the press and then press it, the garlic will come out while the peel will simply remain inside the press. You can easily remove the peel from the press and then throw that out. Mind = blown.


Want to give your garlic press a good cleaning? Do this by using cooking spray, an old toothbrush, a toothpick and warm water. First, spray the press with the cooking or baking spray. By greasing up the press like this you’ll make it easier to remove the leftover garlic. After you’ve pressed the garlic, use an old toothbrush to remove the leftover bits of the clove. Are there some stubborn bits left? Then you can prick those through the holes with the toothpick. All that’s left to do is rinse the press under warm water. Easy as that!

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