Have a look: these celebrities’ children are all grown up now

Children grow up so quickly, including those of celebrities

Some celebrities look like they haven’t aged a day in twenty years, which makes it all the more strange when they have children that have been out of diapers for a long, long time. For example, Reese Witherspoon has a daughter who’s 19 years old already. And then there’s the late Kurt Cobain, whose daughter is 26 now!

Do you think these children look like their parents?

Gordon Ramsay & Jack Scott Ramsay

One of the world’s most famous TV chefs doesn’t just do well in the kitchen but also in love. He’s been married to Tana for years and they have four children together; three daughters and a son. Son Jack is now 18 years old and we think he looks just like his father.


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Lots of love kiddo 🎉🎁 shame you can’t take me down as easy now as you could back then 🥊

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Great morning swimming with this dolphin….. @tower_26 @huubdesign @_jackrams3y_

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Clint Eastwood & Scott Eastwood

Apart from being an actor, film producer, director and politician, Clint Eastwood is also a dad. He has seven children from several different marriages and relationships. One of these children is 32-year-old Scott Eastwood. There’s a good chance he looks familiar to you, and not just because he looks like his father. Scott has followed in his father’s footsteps and he has a bunch of different acting roles to his name already.


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Happy birthday pops. 88 never looked so good. #legend

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Reese Witherspoon & Ava Philippe

Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon doesn’t seem to age at all. She looks the same as she did during her Legally Blonde days! Nevertheless, the fact that she has a 19-year-old daughter tells us she definitely isn’t 25 anymore. Together with Ryan Philippe (her co-actor in Cruel Intentions), she has a daughter called Ava Philippe, who looks just like her.

Julianne Moore & Liv Freundlich

Julianne Moore’s 16-year-old daughter is the spitting image of her mother. In 2003, Julianne married Bart Freundlich, with whom she has a son and a daughter. Daughter Liv seems to have a good relationship with her parents. She regularly posts pictures of her together with her father and mother.


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