Wow, he’s changed so much! This is what Ridge Forrester from The Bold and the Beautiful looks like now!

ridge forrester

You can’t think of The Bold without thinking of Ridge Forrester and his jawline

The all-American big jawline, the piercing eyes, the broad shoulders: everyone can immediately picture Ridge Forrester from the world famous soap The Bold and the Beautiful. Actor Ronn Moss played Ridge from 1987 up until 2012, when he decided to leave the show. 

Ronn Moss was replaced by Thorsten Kaye, but that’s hardly the same, is it?

Give and take
Ronn’s decision to leave The Bold and the Beautiful came as a shock to many fans, but he was simply done. The renewal of his contract was coming up and Ronn simply felt it was the end for him: “How many times have we done this? It always keeps going because you give and take — it’s a give and take. Well, I got to a point where I couldn’t give anymore. I couldn’t give anymore.” Ronn’s afraid it now seems as if he abandoned his fans, but he says that his fans are the reason he did it for so long. To him, the decision to leave feels like a rebirth.

Ronn went back to performing with his band Player, where he’s the bass player. At first, he said he would like to one day reprise his role as Ridge, but that went off the table when he was replaced by Kaye. Ronn said he felt betrayed and that he will never return to the show now.

This is what ‘Ridge’ looks like these days! His jawline might be hidden by his mustache, but we recognised him immediately!

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Source quote: EW | Images: Good Housekeeping