This trick can help you remove milia by yourself


Milia can be very easy to remove by yourself – no need to visit a beautician

Contrary to popular belief, milia – you know, those small white bumps that can appear on your skin – have nothing to do with acne or pimples. Milia are often confused with blackheads, which appear when the pores of your skin get blocked by sebum and skin flakes. A milium occurs when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Keratin is a structural protein found in hair, nails and skin. A milium is also trapped much deeper inside the skin than a blackhead, so squeezing and pushing won’t help.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be difficult to get rid of milia at all.

Beet juice

Before we go into removing those annoying milia, though, we first want to talk about acne and other skin irregularities. Did you know you can try to solve these skin problems from the inside out? It can be really helpful to drink a glass of beet juice every day. Granted, it tastes as if you’re throwing back a pan of cold beets, but it does help! But what does it do exactly? This vegetable is full of skin-improving ingredients and antioxidants like vitamins A, B, C, sulphur, iron and copper. These ingredients help to combat the acne from the inside out since they cleanse and detoxify the blood. Beets also contain a substance called betaine, which has a detoxifying effect. So, drinking a glass of beet juice every day is definitely worth a try!

That’s all great, but you’re here to read about milia and how to get rid of them. Go to the next page to read all about it!

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