This is why loads of people are rubbing Vaseline on their faces before bed!


Is Vaseline the solution to dry skin?

The internet is full of weird and surprising beauty hacks, like using peanut butter as shaving cream (!), but some of them are definitely worth a shot. One of those handy hacks is rubbing Vaseline on your face for soft and hydrated skin. This is why people swear by it…

This might just be the solution.

How does it work?

This technique has people rubbing their entire faces with Vaseline before going to sleep at night. These people say that they wake up with perfectly hydrated and soft skin in the morning. This is because the balm more or less ‘encloses’ the skin, which prevents any moisture from getting out. If you have naturally dry skin, you might benefit from ‘locking in’ the moisture you do have with a layer of Vaseline. According to a lot of people, this is a much better method than rubbing all kinds of salves and lotions on your skin.

Clogged pores

Now, you might think: doesn’t this just leave me with a whole lot of pimples? According to dermatologist Dr David Lortscher this isn’t the case. Research shows that Vaseline doesn’t clog the pores in your skin, because it only supplies a protective layer and isn’t actually absorbed by the skin.

Are you going to try it?

We’re still a bit on the fence about this one, since it just doesn’t sound very pleasant to rub Vaseline on your entire face. Yet this method, which is called ‘slugging’, has a lot of followers. Most people who use this method have dry skin, so if you have more of a greasy skin, you might want to pass on this one. Plus, if you’ve never used Vaseline before it’s advisable to test it on your skin before rubbing it all over your face. This way you make sure you’re not allergic or sensitive to petroleum, which is one of its ingredients. You might also want to refrain from using your prettiest bed linen when trying this trick…

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