This is why everyone’s freezing lemons after buying them! Frozen lemons are amazing!


The second life of frozen lemons

We love sharing fun, simple tips with you that have been around for ages but you just have to come across before you know about them. This is one of those tips that your grandma would use, who would in turn have learned it from her mother or grandma. Of course, these are often the best tips as well! So, did you know it’s a very good idea to freeze your lemons? Keep reading to find out why!

We love lemons

A lot of people love lemons. Some people use them to give a little extra zing to their drink others use it to bring out the taste of their food, like salads or fish. We also love lemon cake, lemon meringue pie and lemon curd and love to make these sweet delicacies regularly. Do you love lemons and use them regularly in the kitchen? Consider freezing a bunch for this reason.

Freezing lemons

Have you ever thought of freezing a bunch of lemons? There are many ways to do it. You can chuck a bunch in the freezer, but you could also be a little more diligent about it. Go on to the next page to read how you can freeze lemons and why you should do it.

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