This is the reason why you should try washing your hair with paracetamol


Paracetamol is more than just a pain killer!

Do you dream of having a lush head of hair? We certainly do, and we’ve tried all of the expensive shampoos and conditioners we could think of, but nothing gave us a satisfying result. It turns out, we should’ve just gotten this standard product from our medicine cabinet. This tip is amazing!


Taking care of your hair can be a lot of work. There are so many shampoos, hair masks and other products you can buy these days, and if you want to use them all, you’ll not only have to spend a lot of money but also a lot of time on your hair. But have you ever considered a home remedy to fix your dull hair? There are a lot of easy DIY cleaning solutions, but you can also create some great home remedies to use in your beauty regime. For this trick, all you need is some paracetamol.


Paracetamol, as well as aspirin, is one of the most commonly used over the counter painkillers. Many people grab a simple aspirin when dealing with a headache, ear infection or the flu. Most people have a strip of paracetamol laying around somewhere, as it is cheap and readily available. Other than using it as a painkiller, the white tablets are also amazing for using in your hair, as it will relieve an itchy scalp and reverse chlorine damage.

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