American blogger ‘who is too ugly’ to post photos hits back and receives dozens of statements of support

Amerikaanse blogger

The responses of haters were not tender

Unfortunately, American blogger Melissa Blake often has to deal with bullies. The freelance journalist was recently told that she is “too ugly” to post pictures of herself. Melissa did not back down and put the bullies in their place in a masterful way. Melissa’s campaign earned her a lot of praise and expressions of support.

The number of Melissa’s followers on Twitter increased enormously in just a few days.


Melissa works as a blogger and freelance journalist. She suffers from Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, a congenital disorder of the limbs and face. Unfortunately, the blogger often receives comments about her appearance. Recently Melissa tapped an article about Donald Trump. In her opinion piece, she criticized the current President of the United States. And this caused internet trolls not to comment on the piece she wrote, but on her appearance. “This is what it’s like to be a disabled woman writer on the internet,” the woman posted on Twitter. In her tweet she added some ugly responses she had received. Some called her fat and ugly, and that she looked like a land whale and a potato with a face.

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