These are signs that you should replace your old shoes


Know when to say goodbye to your favorite pair of shoes

Unfortunately, even your favorite shoes will not be around forever. But how do you know when you have to replace the shoes you’re wearing? Apparently there’s an easy trick to know for sure.


According to podiatrist Jacqueline Sutera, it is not a good idea to walk around on your old loafers. It will make you more prone to certain injuries. “When the soles and heels of your shoes are worn out, the heel of your foot hits the floor at a different angle, causing you to hurt your ankles or fall down more easily. In the long term, you can even get tendinitis or pain in your hips, ankles and back.” So making sure you switch out your shoes every now and then is not only beneficial to your feet but also to your whole physical wellbeing. 

Ten seconds

But how do you know when it is time to say goodbye to your beloved boots? According to Dr. Sutera, you can find out by taking the ten second table-test. “If you put your shoes up on a table, you can look at their backs at eye level. Look for any signs of wear or a differences between the shoes. Then turn the shoes around to look for cracks or holes in the soles of the shoes.” If you see any of these things, it is time to say farewell, even though it hurts. 

Repair them

If saying goodbye is too much for you to handle, you could also find out if your shoes can still be repaired. This is easiest for heels, boots or loafers since they have a harder sole. “With sneakers or other shoes with a softer sole, it is harder to repair them.” says Sutera.

Even though some shoes might be beyond saving, walking around on your old kicks will not be beneficial for your feet or body in the long run. And that price is more expensive to pay than buying a new pair of trainers. 

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Source: Marie Claire, Well + Good | Image: Unsplash, NordWood Themes