This is what that tiny pocket on your jeans is for


That tiny pocket doesn’t seem very useful, but there is a reason behind them!

You’re probably familiar with that small, rectangular pocket on the front of your jeans; the one that’s about three fingers wide. You find a pocket like this on every pair of jeans, but nothing really fits in there. Lipstick doesn’t even fit, let alone your keys. Although the tiny pocket might seem completely useless, it’s definitely not just for show. We’re going to tell you exactly what it’s for!

Have you ever wondered about the use of the tiny pocket on your jeans?


The pocket is not just for show; it has an actual function. According to international jeans brand Levi’s, the pocket is meant to store your watch in. Throughout the years, the pocket has become known as ‘condom pocket’, ‘coin pocket’ and ‘ticket pocket’. We probably don’t have to explain why.

Work pants

Before the jeans became world famous, men used to wear them as work pants around the year 1800. Back in those days, everyone was carrying a watch. These were pocket watches that were attached to chains. To prevent the watches from breaking inside a coat pocket, Levi’s introduced the tiny jeans pocket especially for the purpose of storing a pocket watch. That way, watches could be put away safely. Mystery solved! Although the watch pocket was very useful back in the day, it doesn’t really have any use anymore these days. Apart from decoration, that is.

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Source: RedIndependent | Image: Pixabay