These are some of Melania Trump’s most expensive outfits

Some of her outfits cost more than most Americans earn in a year

Her husband Donald Trump isn’t the only one to cause controversy in the media, as some of Melania Trump’s outfits get the rumour mill churning as well. According to many journalists, Melania would supposedly pick out clothing items to make subtle statements about her husband’s presidency. Moreover, the cost of her outfits is also hot topic.

She certainly has expensive taste.

Melania’s style

Fashion designers love Melania Trump’s style. As her outfits aren’t paid for by tax money, many designers offer their goods and services for free. However, many of her outfits are also available in high-end stores, albeit with a steep price tag. These are some of the first lady’s most expensive outfits.

Manolo Blahnik Stiletto’s: $670

If you watched Sex and the City, you know that the sought-after Manolo Blahnik shoes are quite expensive. Melania Trump wore these high-end shoes in 2017 when she visited Texas with her husband after the hurricane Harvey. Even though Donald Trump wore thick, waterproof boots, Melania wore high-heeled stilettos. This caused some controversy, but Melania did swap them for some sneakers when she arrived.

Melania Trump depart the White House with husband Donald Trump 🇺🇸 for the 3h flight to #Texas #corpuschristi #austin to survey the flood damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Melania’s outfit today is strongly in contrast to those she usually choose, which mirrors the seriousness of the situation, just her black stiletto heels indicate her fashionable soul and are for sure not the final selection to visit Texas. Her outfit is black and structured, she is wearing a plain black crew neck top, black cropped trousers in combination with a pair of gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses and covered by a khaki-colored bomber jacket. #melaniatrump #melaniatrumpstyle #hervepierre #donaldtrump #barrontrump #presidenttrump #president #america #ivankatrump #firstlady #flotus #washingtondc #whitehouse #husband #voguemagazin #peoplemagazine #fashionicon #hurricane #harvey

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Balmain Blouse – $720

The 48-year-old First Lady invited ten children to the White House to help her garden in Michelle Obama’s vegetable patch. Even though your mum would tell you to wear old clothes that are allowed to get dirty, Melania clearly doesn’t care about that. She wore an expensive designer blouse by the French brand Balmain to work in the garden. How logical.

On Friday, the first lady held a event in the White House @whitehouse Gardens 🌾🌿🌱, hosting local school children to help harvest the garden. 🌸 Melania Trump 🌸harvested and planted vegetables 🥒 in the White House Kitchen Garden on Friday with students from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. The first lady looked ready for fall in a red plaid button-down shirt featuring gold buttons from designer label Balmain @balmain 👚 along with Converse @converse sneakers 👟 & @jbrandjeans 👖. #melaniatrump #melaniatrumpfashion #melaniatrumpstyle #hervepierre #donaldtrump #barrontrump #presidenttrump #President #america #ivankatrump #happywife #firstlady #flotus #washingtondc #whitehouse #jbrand #balmain #converse #husband #proudmom #proudwife #voguemodel #voguemagazine#peoplemagazine #fashionicon #glamourmagazine #fashionmodel #jackiekennedy

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Gucci Blouse – $1,100

‘Grab them by the pussy’ is one of Donald Trump’s most notorious quotes. Shortly after this infamous speech, Trump was to appear in a live debate with Hilary Clinton. Melania picked this moment to wear a bright pink Gucci blouse with a loose bow around her neck. The clothing item was soon known as the ‘pussy blouse’. Some thought that the First Lady picked this blouse to send a hidden message, but a spokesperson said that it was a coincidence.

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