These are some of Melania Trump’s most expensive outfits

Gown by J. Mendel – $7,000

During a dinner with the British Prime Minister Theresa May, Melania stole the show as a real Belle. She wore a yellow gown by designer J. Mendel. Buying this dress certainly isn’t cheap, as it would cost about $7000.

Monique Lhuillier dress – $8,150

The First Lady wore a beautiful Monique Lhuillier dress at The White House Historical Society dinner. The dress was sold out shortly after, but those who managed to get their hands on it would have paid $8150.

Blazer and skirt by Michael Kors – $9,700

It’s clear by now that Melania Trump loves designs by Michael Kors. During a meeting of the American Congress, she wore an outfit by the famous designer. She would have paid $5050 for the blazer and $4650 for the skirt.

Bally trousers, Manolo Blahnik stilettos, Birkin bag – $14,000

In 2017 Melania and her son Baron moved into the White House. At her arrival, she wore a pair of Bally trousers ($600) and Manolo Blahnik stilettos ($600). This is nothing compared to the bag she brought: her Birkin bag costs around $12,800.

Dolce & Gabbana coat – $51,500

Even though many praised Melania’s sense of fashion at the G7 top in Italy, her expensive Dolce & Gabbana coat brought on a stream of comments. The ridiculously expensive coat cost $51,500, an amount most Americans don’t even earn on a yearly basis.

Hervé Pierre grown – unaffordable

Melania wanted to wear a dress that no one would forget at the inauguration of her husband Donald Trump. That’s why she contacted French designer Hervé Pierre to design a custom-made dress for her. Hervé Pierre’s resumé is nothing less than spectacular, as he already designed gowns for First Ladies Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. The dresses he makes for such occasions are unaffordable. Melania donated her dress tot he Smithsonian museum afterwards.

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Source: Business Insider | Image: Video still