This is how you remove a coffee stain from your clothes in no time at all

coffee stain

This is good information to have next time you spill some coffee!

When you wake up, the first thing you want is a cup of coffee. You get dressed, eyes still blurry with sleep, and make yourself that first cup and then… You spill some on your clothes. Oh no! Even though you try to scrub out that coffee stain, it won’t go. There’s nothing left to do but quickly run back to the bedroom to change your clothes, and leave that coffee-stained shirt be for now. You’ll worry about that later. What a start to the day…

Luckily, there’s a trick to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore! Next time you spill coffee on your clothes, you don’t have to throw it in the laundry hamper right away. This trick will help you remove the coffee stain in a jiffy!

Baby wipes

You can use baby wipes, or wet wipes, for much more than just your baby! For example, you can use one of these wipes to clean the fingerprints off of CDs or DVDs and they’re also ideal to remove deodorant stains out of your clothes with. Got marker or crayon stains on your table? Use a baby wipe! And that’s not all; you can also use a baby wipe to quickly get out a coffee stain.

Coffee stain

Baby wipes contain a small amount of soap and this will remove the coffee stain for you. There’s no need to soak the item of clothing in water first either since the wipe is already moist itself. Just take out a baby wipe and rub the stain and before you know it, there’s no stain left. This will save you a ton of time next time you accidentally spill some coffee. There’s no longer any need to change and wash!

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