Beware: this happens when you leave a facemask on for too long


We don’t want clogged pores. The more our pores get clogged the more pimples will appear on our faces. Do you use a moisturizing facemask? Be careful not to let it sit for too long. The moisturizing ingredients in the mask could clog your pores. Don’t leave the mask on beyond the maximum time on the package. If you do, try not to deviate from the recommended time by more than a few minutes.


Do you suffer from oily skin? There is a good chance that you use a clay mask to absorb some of the excess moisture. Be careful with this. Since the purifying parts in these masks cause dehydration if used longer than recommended, be sure to adhere to the time on the package. Again, deviating from the recommended time could cause your skin to look dry and flakey, the opposite of what you were hoping to achieve.

Not too often

Applying facemasks too often is also not a good idea. Masks are intensive remedies, meaning they’re not intended for everyday use. Pamper your skin a few times a week and use the mask as recommended and voilà! Your skin will thank you.

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Source: GRAZIA | Image: Unsplash