This woman rubs a banana peel on her face every day and this is the reason!


To get rid of pimples or acne you can use a banana peel. Here’s how it works: rinse your face and make sure it’s free of grease. Cut a banana peel into pieces and use one of the pieces to rub your face with. You should use the inside of the peel and make circular motions with it. Some methods claim you should do this for 10 minutes, while others state you should just rub until your entire face is covered in banana. What is important is to check whether the peel is still white on the inside. When it starts to get black, you should take a new piece and continue rubbing with that.


It’s best to let this treatment sit for a little bit so your skin can absorb as much vitamin as possible. Then, rinse your face and use a day cream or a night cream, depending on the time of day. Repeat this treatment every day and you’ll see your skin will start to clear up! If your skin starts to get irritated, pause the treatment for a couple of days before continuing. This method is also said to help against wrinkles, as it stimulates the blood flow and has a moisturising quality.

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