Olive oil: a beauty hack from your own kitchen cabinet


Olive oil as a beauty aid is also good for your wallet

A big splash of olive oil works wonders for your baked potatoes, salad dressing or marinade. But did you know that olive oil can also be used on your body? We certainly didn’t expect that! From your hands to your feet, from your hair to your pores: your body will be grateful. We explain to you how it works.

Olive oil is full of antioxidants.

Hands and feet

Olive oil functions as a personal care product for your hands and feet. Do you have dry cuticles? With a cotton pad and some olive oil they will be a thing of the past. The same goes for dry heels. Rub some olive oil on your feet and you’ll see that the dryness disappears.


Do you suffer from split ends? Then a few drops of olive oil can work miracles. You can take a whole bottle of olive oil with you in the shower, but that’s not very practical. To make it a little bit easier for yourself, it is also possible to mix the olive oil with your favourite shampoo or conditioner.

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