The oldest person in the world dies at the age of 118

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The French nun died in her sleep in her nursing home

Lucile Randon, the oldest known person in the world, died at the age of 118. Randon was a French nun, also known as Sister Andrée. The Guardian writes that, according to spokesperson David Tavella, Sister Andrée died in her sleep in her nursing home in Toulon.


Lucile Randon was born on February 11 in 1904. Before she entered a convent at the age of 40, she worked as a tutor and governor. During World War II, she looked after children and after that, she spent a big portion of her life looking after orphans and elderly and was dedicated to religious service. In 2021, when the pandemic was still shaking up the world, Sister Andrées nursing home got hit with COVID-19. Ten other residents died, but the then-117-year-old, survived. In 2022, when she turned 118, she received a note from the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Oldest known person

Randon had been the oldest European for a while, but she became the world’s oldest known person on April 19 in 2022 after Kane Tanaka, a Japanese woman, died at the age of 119. Sister Andrée was, according to Guinness, the oldest nun that ever lived. But Randon wasn’t the oldest person to ever live. Another French woman holds that record. Jeanne Louise Calment died at the age of 122. That makes her the oldest known person to have ever lived.


According to her spokesperson, the nun was ready to say goodbye. He told CNN: “There is great sadness, but she wanted it to happen, it was her desire to join her beloved brother. For her, it is freedom,” Why the French nun lived this long? In 2020, Randon told a French radio station that she had no idea what the secret to her long life was. “Only God can answer that question,” she said. “I’ve had plenty of unhappiness in life and during the 1914-1918 war when I was a child, I suffered like everyone else.”

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Source: CNN, The Guardian | Image: Unsplash, Danie Franco