Man helps furnish the empty apartment of Nepalese students

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The students intended to buy the man’s car, but he decided to help them with their apartment too

When Chris Delargy saw two students in a cab show up at his house to buy his car, he was a little suspicious. But when he learned that the students moved to Ontario from Nepal, and that their apartment was completely empty except for some mattresses on the floor, he decided he wanted to help them.

Car sale

Chris Delargy, a man from Mount Brydges in Ontario, wanted to sell his red 2011 Mazda 3. So he posted about it on Marketplace. He received a message from Sandip Adhikari, a student from Nepal studying in Sarnia. Him and his roommates moved from Nepal to Sarnia in September 2022. After they all found jobs in Strathoy, they needed to move. But the move made going to school a lot more challenging. That is why the four of them decided to buy a car. Sandip told CBC: “We are working in Strathroy and we need to go to our school in Sarnia. There is only one bus … to Sarnia, so we have to spend lots of time waiting for the bus, so we want to get a car to go to school.” And so they struck a deal with Delargy to buy his car from him.


While going for a test drive, the three men started talking. The students told him about their move and their life. Delargy writes in a Facebook post: “As we’re driving down the road, I get asking them questions about where they’re from and what they’re doing… The two young guys are very polite and smiling we were joking around a little. Very nice young men.” But because the students don’t have a car yet, Delargy offers to drive them home to Strathroy. They go up to the students’ apartment to write a receipt for the deposit, and Delargy is shocked by what he sees there. He told CBC: “They had mattresses on the floor in their bedrooms and they had an extra mattress in the living room, and that was it.” The apartment was completely clean and empty, except for a few mattresses on the floor. Adhikari said that the students had been struggling to find furniture. Delargy decided to act.


He asked for help on a local Facebook page. “I said I got to post something and see if I can get these guys some help here, some furniture or something,” he told the news. The response he got was “unbelievable”. In the post, Delargy says he is looking for furniture. If someone had any furniture to donate, Delargy would pick it up in his truck and deliver it to the students’ address. People donated a kitchen table, a TV stand, a couch, some bed frames and even some money, which Delargy used to buy more furniture. Adhikari and his roommates are surprised by the generosity: “He’s a wonderful guy. I didn’t expect that, but after meeting with Chris, I’m so excited. I’m just wondering how Canadians can be so helpful and I’m so grateful.”

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Source: CBC | Image: Unsplash