Missing boy from Washington was found 8 months later in Missouri

missing boy

The boy went missing mid-June and was found unharmed eight months later

An eight-year-old boy from Vancouver, Washington, went missing. A welfare check at his house in June confirmed that the boy wasn’t there. After that, the police have worked hard to find him. Now, eight months later, they were successful. The boy was found unharmed in Missouri. 

Missing: A Story of Disappearance and Search

On June 17, the community of Vancouver, Wa., was shaken by the news of the disappearance of Breadson John, also known as Brxsan. The 14-year-old boy had vanished without a trace during a welfare check at his home, prompting detectives to launch a search that would last for eight long months.

The search for Brxsan quickly gained national attention, and the local community was quick to rally around the effort to find him. Flyers with his picture were distributed, and volunteers scoured the area for any signs of the missing boy. However, despite these efforts, Brxsan remained missing.

The search for Brxsan became increasingly difficult as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months. The police were met with a frustrating lack of information, and Brxsan’s family members were unable to provide any leads about his whereabouts.

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