Find out when you really shouldn’t drink a soda


In this case, it’s better to choose a different option

We all know that is is always better to have a glass of water instead of soda, but sometimes it is just nice to quench your thirst with a fizzy drink. But did you know that there is a worst time of day to drink a cold coke? Find out more below.

Worst time

If you are planning to go out for a run or if you’re moments from starting an intense workout, drinking a soda or some other fizzy drink might not be the best idea. According to Leslie Bonci, a sports dietitian who works with the Kansas City Chiefs, says that drinking a soda actually dehydrates you. That means that if you’re trying to quench your thirst before a workout, a soda will actually make it worse. “You shouldn’t drink soda before exercise,” Bonci told Eat This!. “The carbonation can slow ‘gut emptying,’ so you don’t hydrate as efficiently. Drinking soda before exercise adversely affects hydration since it can take longer for fluid to make its way through the digestive tract to the exercising muscles.”


This means that when you drink a soda before breaking a sweat, you might feel bloated and just general discomfort. But there is another time of day that is also considered a bad time to guzzle down a soda. According to Bonci, a soda before breakfast also isn’t the way to go. “In general, drinking a soda in the morning may mean you feel full before you have fulfilled your fluid requirements,” she says. “Because soda can take longer to empty the stomach, you may feel full, and if that is the first beverage you drink when you wake up, then there’s a chance you may find it harder to consume other liquids right away and hydrate properly, and in some cases, you may find yourself avoiding food.”

So if you’re debating whether to crack open a refreshing cold soda or drink a glas of water instead, water might be the safest option. Especially in the morning or before heading out for a run.

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Source: Eat This! | Image: Unsplash, Felix Zhao