This is how you can use white vinegar to clean any type of floor

You can clean a wood floor, but also tiles and carpet with white vinegar

You can buy different cleaning products for pretty much every little cleaning task you can think of, but often the best solution is also the simplest one. Take white vinegar, for example. You can use it for so many different things. The thing we want to tell you about today is how to clean floors with this product. You can use it on laminate floors, tiles, vinyl and carpet. It’s cheap, doesn’t contain nasty chemicals, and you probably already own a bottle of it!

This is how you clean your floors with white vinegar.

Why does vinegar work?

Vinegar has a pH-value of around 2.5, which means it’s very acidic. Because of this, it’s capable of very easily dissolving dirt and lime. It also has disinfecting properties, although it doesn’t work just as well as alcohol, of course. That’s why it’s smart to use cleaning products that are a little stronger for truly dirty cleaning tasks. Don’t use vinegar on natural stone because it can leave behind stains. Don’t use it on unpolished wooden floors either.

This is how you mop floors with white vinegar:

Vinegar is ideal when it comes to mopping hard surfaces made of materials like tiles, vinyl and laminate. Make sure that you properly vacuum your floor before you start mopping. Especially with wooden floors, dirt and dust can cause scratches when you start mopping. Next, take a bucket and mix together four litres of water and half a cup of white vinegar. Use this to mop your floors. Do make sure you properly wring out the mop before you start. Let the floor dry afterwards.

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