Woman cleans couch with denture cleaning tablets and this is the result

denture cleaning tablets

The couch looks as good as new after this treatment!

Most people will recognise this annoyance – especially people with light-coloured, fabric couches: dark stains in the material. Of course, you could have a professional cleaner come in to clean the couch, but that’s pretty expensive. Luckily, there’s a much cheaper solution! This woman from Australia used denture cleaning tablets to clean her light-coloured couch.

The before and after pictures tell a clear story!

Denture cleaning tablets

The Australian woman discovered a handy and cheap cleaning trick to make her couch look as good as new again. She used denture cleaning tablets to properly clean her couch and shared it in a Facebook group that focuses on cleaning tips. For only four dollars, she bought a box of denture cleaning tablets and an empty spray bottle. These two things were all she needed to get to work on her dirty couch and the result is absolutely astounding!

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