4 habits to teach yourself to keep a clean and tidy home

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These habits will help you maintain a clean and tidy home

Are you like us and do you always wonder how other people manage to keep their homes so clean and tidy? At our places, there always seems to be random stuff lying around, from shoes to laundry to magazines. Especially if you have young children, it can be difficult to keep your home tidy. A neat home is actually all about keeping up and having some good habits.

Teach yourself these habits.

1. Fold the laundry right away

Maybe you don’t mind doing laundry, but you have trouble following through. Do your clean clothes end up in a basket waiting to be folded when you feel like doing it? Your clothes not only become wrinkled because of this; it also causes unnecessary clutter around your home. Try to teach yourself to fold clean laundry as soon as the dryer beeps. Don’t use a dryer? Then you should fold the laundry as soon as you take it off the drying rack.

2. Tidy away shoes

When you get home after a long day, it’s very tempting to just sit down on the sofa and kick off your shoes. However, this immediately causes your living room to look messy. Teach yourself and your family members to tidy away shoes right away in their proper place: a shoe closet or another specifically designated spot. This way, you won’t stumble over random shoes and it means there’s less dust and dirt in your home, especially if you take off your shoes right at the door.

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