Replace your carpet: 5 signs that indicate that it’s time

replace carpet

All carpets have to be replaced, eventually

Have you had the same carpet in your home since the moment you moved in? We never really thought about replacing our carpet either, but it turns out that, eventually, you’d have to replace your carpet. With these five signs, you’ll know when it is time to do so.

1. It is old

If you can not remember when you actually got your carpet (was it twenty years ago?), it might be time to replace it. According to experts, you’d have to replace your carpet at least every fifteen years. Allie Mann, senior designer at Case Architects & Remodelers, told The Spruce: “There can be debris and dirt buildup in the fibers that no amount of cleaning will completely resolve.” So, time to go carpet shopping!

2. It is no longer fluffy

If your plush carpet has lost all it’s fluff and doesn’t feel very soft anymore, it might be time to get a new one. And Mann provides readers with a tip to make sure their new carpet stays plush for longer; get a carpet pad. She said: “This will help maintain the life of your carpet and make it feel more plush underfoot.” Your feet will thank you for this!

3. Damage

Another sign that it is clearly time to invest in a new carpet, is when the old one is damaged in some way. Or when you see visible signs of wear. And not only is it damaging the aesthetics of your room, it might also be a tripping hazard. So if you see any signs of wear and tear; get a new carpet to make your home a safer (and prettier) place.

4. Stains

When we live our lives, things sometimes get messy. And your carpet will take some of the hits. If the stains in your carpet are not coming out anymore, you might want to start looking at new carpet options. But it is not just wine or food stains that can end your carpet’s life. If you walk on the carpet, it will also start to fade overtime. So if you see any discolorations and stains, it might be time to buy some new rugs.

Rob Vera, Ruggable’s chief product officer, told The Spruce that if you know your carpets and rugs are going to be walked on a lot, he might have a tip: washable rugs. He said: “Washable rugs can extend the life of your rug so you’re less likely to need a replacement— unless you want to swap it out for a new style, of course!”

5. Smell

The last sign that your carpet is done for, is it’s smell. And getting rid of unwanted smells in your carpet is easier said than done. It also might be more expensive than you would like it to be. Vera also says that having your carpet or rug professionally cleaned doesn’t mean it will look as good as new. That means that it might be better to get rid of the carpet altogether and invest in a new one.

Even though it might be hard to part with your beloved carpet or rug, when you eventually decide that it is time to say goodbye, it will definitely be an upgrade for your home!

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Source: The Spruce | Image: Unsplash, Katja Rooke