Washing powder or liquid detergent: which is best to use?

Washing with a powder detergent

Washing powder is often cheaper than liquid detergent. It makes the laundry smell nice, makes the washing clean and is more durable than the liquid version. The disadvantage of washing powder is that it does not dissolve easily when washing laundry at a low temperature. It can even stain your clothes if too much washing powder has been used, and has not properly dissolved.

What is the best choice?

All in all, both products have advantages and disadvantages. But which is best to use to get your laundry as clean as possible? That depends on the temperature at which you wash. Are you going to run a hot wash? Then choose the powder variant. Do you spin a laundry at 30° C? Then choose a liquid variant. This way you always have a clean wash and your washing machine will last longer.

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Source: Eigen Huis & Tuin | Image: Pixabay