Are your towels smelling a little sour? With this easy trick they’ll smell fresh again!

This solution will help drive away the sour smell from your towels!

We love the feeling of taking a shower and then drying ourselves with a freshly laundered towel. It makes us feel so clean! It’s a real bummer when you grab your supposedly clean towel and it smells a little musty and sour. That’s not a very pleasant end to your shower session! Do your towels always smell a little sour after you’ve just washed?

A splash of vinegar can make all the difference!


Did you have to dry yourself with a sour smelling towel for the umpteenth time this morning? You’re not the only one. This sour smell is caused by putting your towel in the hamper while it’s still slightly moist. Unfortunately, even the best laundry detergent won’t be able to drive away that smell. What does work is a splash of vinegar! The vinegar will remove the musty smell from your towel and the thing we like to call the scouring paper effect will also be a thing of the past with this trick. The vinegar makes sure your towels won’t become rough, but remain nice and fluffy.


That’s why you should add a cup of white vinegar when you’re washing your towels. You could add the vinegar to the compartment you would usually put the fabric softener. You don’t have to worry about the smell of the vinegar lingering after you’ve washed the towel. The laundry detergent will take care of that! It is important to make sure you don’t wash your towels with vinegar too often, though. If you do it too often, there’s a chance the smell will linger and will do so permanently. That’s not much better than the musty smell. So, only wash the towels with vinegar when they’re actually smelling musty.

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