Yikes: These are the things you didn’t know about dust…


It’s no use to dust off every day

A clean house makes everybody happy. We get especially giddy when everything, even the TV and computer screens, are completely dust-free. Unfortunately, our happiness doesn’t last very long, since everything is dusty again before you know it. We’re infinitely annoyed by the grey stuff, but what do we really know about these tiny particles?

For example, did you know dust can cost you a lot of money?

Vacuum cleaner bag

When the bag of your vacuum cleaner is filled to the brim, the vacuum has a lot less suction power, but that’s not the only downside. If the bag is too full, you run the risk of the dust you’ve just vacuumed up being released into your room again straight away. That’s why you should regularly check whether the bag is too full yet, and replace it once it’s three quarters full.

It costs you money

Dust will settle down wherever it can; it will find every nook and cranny in your home, like those within a radiator. The consequence of this is that your radiator is about 30 percent less powerful. Luckily dusting your radiator is super easy if you use this handy trick.

There’s no such thing as a dustless home

We’ve got bad news for those of you who roll up there sleeves every single day to make sure their home is dust-free. There’s dust in every single home and there’s about 6 milligrams of it per square meter. You’ll only actually see the grey stuff after seven or eight days. That’s why dusting every day isn’t necessary.

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Source: Flair | Image: video still Swiffer