Dusty radiator? No problem at all, thanks to this trick!


The radiator can get quite dusty!

Dust, it’s inevitable. It’s everywhere, and we all know what that feels like. Even after intensive cleaning session it still finds it way to most remote places! Have you ever checked out the back of your radiator? Radiators are constructed in such a way that dust and dirt can become trapped and it takes quite some time to make sure it’s all gone.

Well, if you haven’t; be prepared for the worst. It’s just unbelievable how dusty it gets in there. Luckily, cleaning the radiator is a lot easier than you may think. Do you have some old sheer tights lying around somewhere that you don’t use anymore? Go on and look for it and prepare yourself for an amazing life hack. Once you’ve found the tights, drop them into your radiator heating system. Hold on to them on both the bottom side and the top and start scrubbing. Because of this movement the sheer tights become static. And this ensures that all the dust gets stuck to it. That’s it, problem solved!

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