Got mould in your fridge? With this quick trick it’ll be gone in no time at all

This is the quickest way to remove mould from your fridge

Did you leave some food inside your fridge for a little too long? Then there’s a chance you’ve got mould in your fridge now. This gross, grey-ish stuff is often difficult to clean properly. Luckily, there’s a very easy trick to get rid of this dirty stuff in no time at all. Your fridge will look as good as new again!

One wipe and it’s gone!

Mould in the fridge

The refrigerator is the place for bacteria and mould to grow. There’s obviously a ton of food present and the cool temperature is ideal for mould as well. Both types of food that contain water and dry products are great places for mould to grow on. Because of the air flow inside the fridge, the spores of the mould can get in and on any uncovered products inside it. Got a perished vegetable in the vegetable drawer? Then the mould spores from this vegetable will have gotten onto all of the other vegetables in the drawer as well before you know it.


The first step of making your fridge mould-free is to take out all of the products inside it. Fill a small bowl with water and add the juice of half a lemon to it. Peel the other half of the lemon and add a couple of pieces of lemon peel to the water. Put the bowl inside the microwave for three minutes at 700 Watt. Next, take the bowl out of the microwave (carefully: it will be hot!) and place it inside the fridge. Leave this to sit inside the closed fridge for about half an hour and then clean the fridge with a cloth. You’ll notice the mould will detach itself from the fridge very easily and you can easily wipe it away. Your fridge will look as good as new again and it will also smell fresh and fruity because of the lemon.

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Source: LibelleTVYour Health Coach | Image: video still