Spilled some olive oil? With this tip you’ll clean up olive oil stains in a jiffy

olive oil stains

Olive oil stains will disappear before you know it with this simple trick

One of the most stubborn kinds of stain is the olive oil stain, especially if you’ve spilt it on a tablecloth or on your clothes. The fabric absorbs the oil in no time, so a single wash in the machine won’t help much. Luckily, there’s simple, quick solution to this problem. You don’t even need a washing machine for this trick!

Remove olive oil stains from any kind of fabric with this handy tip!

Olive oil stains

We use olive oil pretty much on a daily basis. It’s ideal to use for a stir-fry, but it’s also great to add to salads, pasta, vinaigrettes and colds sauces. Are you a little clumsy or chaotic in the kitchen and do accidents happen around you sometimes? Then you’ll probably have experience with olive oil stains. These stains are usually difficult to remove, but not anymore due to this handy cornflour trick!

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