6 things you should never clean with glass cleaner

3. Bleach

Never mix any cleaning agents with bleach. If you mix bleach with a cleaning solution that contains ammonia, like glass cleaner does, a dangerous substance called chloramine is released. This can be really harmful to you.

4. Granite countertops

Do you have granite countertops and do you want to quickly wipe them down? Don’t use glass cleaner for this! This is much too aggressive for porous types of stone like granite and marble and can inflict permanent damage. You might permanently stain the stone or rub away its protective layer, which causes your countertops to look faded and grimy.

5. Wood

It’s fine to use a little bit of glass cleaner on parquet or laminate flooring with thick finishes, but you shouldn’t use it on fine wood surfaces. You can leave ugly stains if you do.

6. Car windows

Something only very few people know is that you shouldn’t clean your car windows with regular glass cleaner! It can cause streaks and foggy stains. Plus, the ammonia in glass cleaner can damage the windows, causing the tint to break down and peel in the long run.

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Source: TheKitchn | Image: video still

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