6 things you should never clean with glass cleaner

4. Granite counter top

Want to quickly clean the counter? Do not use glass cleaner for this! This is far too corrosive for porous stone like granite and marble and can cause permanent damage. Glass cleaner can cause stains and eat through the protective layer, so your counter top will end up looking dull and dirty.

5. Wood

You can use a little glass cleaner on flooring with a thick layer of gloss, but it is not very sensible on unprocessed wood or wood with only a thin layer of varnish. This will cause ugly stains, just like on your counter top.

6. Car glass

Something few people know is that you should never clean the car windows with regular glass cleaner! This can cause streaks and blurry spots. And never use glass cleaner on tinted windows—the ammonia in the cleaner can damage the film.

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Source: TheKitchn | Image: Videostill