Do you have itchy ears often? This can cause it

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This is where that terrible itch in your ears comes from

Have you ever suddenly had a terrible itch in your ears? This is very annoying because you can’t just scratch it. Some people try to scratch the itch with cotton swabs, but this is not a good idea. Using swabs can damage your ear canal. But some people suffer so much that they can’t think of anything else. Knowing why your ears are itchy can help you get rid of that itch.

This is how to get rid of the itch.


The main reason for itching in your ear canal is because you regularly put something in it. These can be earbuds (for all you music lovers), earplugs to protect against noise or water, internal headsets or hearing aids. No matter how well these contraptions fit your ears, they will always cause some irritation in your ear canal. This produces itching that you cannot seem to scratch. These devices also close your ears, which traps in heat.


Now that your ears are itching, what should you do? The best solution is to leave them alone. If you are going to scratch with cotton swabs or your finger, you will just disturb the acidity in your ear canal. You will also irritate the ear canal even more. All of this causes your ears to dry out (after all, you’ve likely removed most of the ear wax), which will make them tender and sensitive. And the more you irritate your ear canal, the more it will start to burn.


If the itching is mild, simply let it itch. If one or more of the following symptoms accompany the itching, you may have inflammation in your ear canal.

  • Dry and flaky skin around the entrance to the ear
  • Crusts around the opening of the ear
  • Redness of the ear canal
  • Earache
  • Fluid or blood from the ear
  • Trouble hearing
  • Dizziness

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