6 things you should never clean with glass cleaner

glass cleaner

Don’t use glass cleaner with these tasks

Everyone has a bottle of glass cleaner. The liquid is usually blue and is handy for quickly cleaning windows, mirrors and glass shower enclosures. However, there are cleaning tasks where it is better to omit this spray.

Use a milder alternative for these things.

1. Screens

Do you need to wipe greasy fingers off a laptop, TV or telephone screen? Do not use glass cleaner for this! Yes, it degreases and cleans, but the ingredients are often far too abrasive for your electronic devices. Instead, choose a microfiber cloth with a little bit of clean water or a special cleaner for electronics.

2. Skin

Recently, there was a tip on the internet to reverse shoddy self-tanner results by using glass cleaner. Supermodel Ashley Graham recommended “scrubbing” your skin with the blue liquid. Um, don’t do it! Glass cleaner is extremely harsh for your skin and will dry it out.

3. Bleach

Never mix detergents with bleach. If you mix bleach with a cleaning agent that contains ammonia, which is in glass cleaner, a dangerous substance called chloramine will be released. This can be very harmful.

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