With this trick you can remove that unpleasant odor from drains and pipes


You probably already have the product at home

Every now and then, we notice a stinky smell from the drain. This is almost inevitable due to the amount of food waste entering the drain. Don’t worry, we have a trick that makes it easy to neutralize this odor. And it’s handy, because you probably have all the ingredients at home already!

Bad smell from the drain

This is probably one of the most common irritations in households: a foul odor from the drain in your bathroom or kitchen. You have cleaned everything nicely, everything shines, but a foul odor keeps coming out of the drain. This odor is caused by mold, because food scraps always remain in the drain. Especially when it is hot or raining heavily outside, the drain can quickly emit an unpleasant odor.

Chemical agents

There are a huge number of chemical products on the market that can remove this odor from your drain, but these products are often extremely harmful to your health and the environment. An air freshener is an option, but this does not address the problem at its core. It only deals with the symptom.

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