This is the reason why you should soak strawberries in vinegar before using them!


It sounds strange, but it’s better for the strawberries!

Strawberries are delicious and when in season they’re not that expensive either. Because we love this small, red fruit so much, we frequently buy more than one box when they’re on sale. Unfortunately, it has happened to us more than once that a couple of strawberries in the box go bad, affecting the rest of the batch as well. That will be a thing of the past with this trick!

Throwing food away is a waste, so you might want to try this trick sometime.


Strawberries taste best when they’re fresh, which is usually the day you’ve bought them. If you’ve been persuaded to buy a box of fresh, juicy, red strawberries, they most likely taste the best on the same day. One night in the fridge, and the first few berries will start to develop mould. Usually, you should be able to keep strawberries fresh for up to three days. It’s important though, to give the berries enough space. It’s preferable to put them on a big, clean plate so the berries can’t bruise each other.


The website Hip2Save has shared a handy tip with its readers. It turns out that soaking your newly bought strawberries in a bowl of vinegar before storing them in the fridge will ensure they will stay fresh for much longer. The experiment showed that the fruit will remain fresh for days or even weeks after buying them. Did you know small strawberries are sweeter than bigger ones? We always thought the big strawberries looked much tastier and juicier, but it turns out they are full of water and are less sweet.

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