Learn how to safely clean up broken glass

clean broken glass

This is how you can clean up glass without getting cut!

If you drop a glass, it is important to clean it right away. But cleaning up glass can come with some dangers. And you always want to make sure that you get all the glass off the floor or countertop. Because you don’t want to find it later by stepping on it (ouch!). This is how you safely clean up glass.

Safety measures

Before you start cleaning, it is important to make sure no one can accidentally step on the glass or drag it around the house. That is why you want to clear the area of adults, children and pets before you start. Put on some sturdy shoes that don’t have any holes or openings in them and get some gloves out. If you want to sit down while cleaning up, don’t sit directly on the floor. You don’t want to risk sitting in glass. So use a small stool to kneel on. That way, you can bend over to pick up the glass without the risk of getting cut.

Now you are ready to clean up the glass.

Step 1: The large pieces

First, you want to get all the large shards of glass. You might want to use a bright flashlight, like the one on your phone, to see where all the pieces are and pick them up carefully with your gloved hand. Put the large shards in some old news paper or some other type of paper before placing them in the trashcan. You don’t want to get cut while taking out the trash later!

Step 2: Sweep or vacuum

The second step is to clean up the smaller shards and the little bits and pieces. Use your dustpan to sweep up shards or vacuum them up. Do make sure you have the right kind of vacuum for this. Vacuums without a flexible hose can not be used because the glass might damage them. If you sweep the glass, use short strokes. That way, you’ll make sure the small pieces don’t scatter around the room while you’re cleaning up.

Step 3: The tiny shards

This step might be a little surprising but works like a charm. Because usually, after vacuuming or sweeping, there might still be tiny splinters left that your vacuum or broom can’t quite get. Like the ones stuck in the corners of the room. For these smaller pieces, you can either use a piece of fresh bread or some potato. Just press the fresh bread or the flesh of a cut potato onto the glass. The shards will stick to the potato or bread and you can throw the whole thing out immediately (don’t compost it when it has glass in it).

Step 4: All the leftovers

If you still see some shards when you point your flashlight on the floor, you can get the last of them with a wet paper towel. Use a fair amount of paper towels (multiple layers) to keep your gloved hands safe. Then dampen the stack of towels and press it onto the shards. Another way to do this, is by using a lint roller. The sticky roller will get all the glass shards off the floor too.

Step 5: Cleaning the cleaning supplies

Something we tend to forget, is that our cleaning supplies need cleaning too. Especially after cleaning something as dangerous as glass shards. So take some time to rinse out the broom and dustpan. Make sure all the pieces of glass are rinsed out before you use it again. Check the bottom of your shoes to make sure you don’t drag any glass around the house. And make sure your vacuum is free of glass too.

With these tips, you can safely clean up glass whenever you need to!

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Source: The Spruce | Image: Pixabay