4 tips to keep your carpets looking clean and new


This way your carpets will remain looking pretty

The carpets in your home have to endure a lot more during winter than during summer. Pets walk across them or lie down on top of them for warmth, and people walk across them with their shoes still on. Stick to the following tips and your carpets will stay clean for much longer!

This will save you a lot of work!

Take off your shoes

Take off your shoes when you come home. By doing this you’ll make sure you won’t accidentally walk across the carpet with dirty shoes, leaving stains and filth. Ask your guests to take off their shoes as well. Maybe they’ll feel a little uncomfortable at first, but they’ll understand when you explain you don’t want to ruin your carpets.

Place a doormat at every entrance

Your pets probably don’t wear shoes, right? That’s why it’s a good idea to place a doormat at every entrance to the house, so your pets will bring in less dirt when they come back inside. Plus, it’s also good to have doormats in case you forget to take off your shoes right away or don’t want to ask your guests to take theirs off.

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