7 spots in our homes we all forget to clean sometimes

4. Cabinets and doors

We often ignore those things we cannot see, which means we neglect to clean the tops of doors and cupboards or wardrobes. So, get out a stool or stepladder to dust those high surfaces like doors, cupboards and wardrobes. While you’re at it, also clean any frames on the walls as well as lamps and fans.

3. Insides of closets

It’s so easy to just close a closet or wardrobe and forget about the mess inside, but it might be worth the trouble to sort through the mess and tidy your closets. No one likes an untidy closet that’s overfull, right? Take everything out of the closet and clean the shelves. You’ll notice a lot of dust has gathered here and you might even find some dead insects (yikes!). Sort through the stuff and donate the things you don’t want or need anymore. Put everything back in a neat and orderly fashion. You could also use plastic containers to keep stuff in.

2. Fans

When’s the last time you cleaned the fan in your bathroom or the fans in other parts of your home? Since they suck air from a space, they’re usually full of dust as well. Get out the stepladder again and give those fans a good clean. Don’t forget the vents near your windows!

1. Vacuum cleaner

How long has it been since you last cleaned your vacuum cleaner? You might regularly change the bag or empty the canister but do you really clean it? You’re actually supposed to do this every month. You can easily clean the canister of the vacuum cleaner with some soapy water, but you do have to make sure you properly dry it before putting it back in the device. Also clean the filters or replace them if needed. Remove any stray hairs and dust from the attachments.

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Source: The Spruce | Image: video still

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