3 Handy Makeover Tips To Organize Your Closet

Time to tidy away your summer clothes!

Autumn is really on its way. This means that the airy blouses and short linen pants can soon go back into storage, and it’s time to make room for warm cardigans and long jeans. Now is the time to thoroughly reorganise your closet with these handy makeover tips!

1. Tidying up and sorting
You hear the word more and more often: decluttering. Simply put, it means it’s time for a thorough cleanup. Take all your clothes out of the closet and think about when you last wore them and how enthusiastic you still are about them. If you no longer feel that “spark of joy,” as cleaning expert Marie Kondo sums up so well, then it’s time to get rid of that garment.

Then sort the clothes you want to keep by category: first by season, and then by type of clothing. The clothes that you won’t need for the next few seasons are best stored elsewhere. That way they won’t be in the way every day you need to get dressed.

2. Attractive
Of course, you want to put on outfits that you feel good in. But that’s a little harder if you reluctantly open the closet doors every day. So check what your closet needs: a simple sweep with a vacuum cleaner? Is it time for a new lick of paint, a new hinge, better lighting? Hang some scented cubes for example, or find a nice set of matching hangers (and it doesn’t have to be expensive!), to give your closet that extra bit of charisma.

A good set of accessories also makes a world of difference to the look of your wardrobe. A set of stylish wicker baskets is handy for keeping your clothes together, but it also makes your closet a lot more attractive to pull open.

3. Finishing touches
Every tidying expert loves them: labels! Whether you get started with a real label maker, or use a bunch of sturdy stickers: neat labels complete the picture. Labels also come in handy for long-term storage. So next summer you’ll remember exactly which box to look in for your shirts and where you stashed your sandals. Ideal!

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Source: The Spruce | Image: Unsplash, Sarah Brown