8 ways to get rid of all the nasty smells in the kitchen


This is how you get rid of the most horrible scents in your kitchen

A kitchen will start to smell, especially in the summer when it is hot outside. The terrible smells appear in your kitchen, often before you realize it. Where does it come from, and better yet, how do you get rid of it as soon as possible? We list the most common horrible smells in the kitchen and give you tips on how to combat them.

Here are our best tips to get rid of the nastiest smells in your kitchen.

1. Lemons

If you use lemons when you’re cooking a dish, don’t throw them away immediately afterwards! Cut them into pieces and use them to wipe the bin in order to prevent those nasty smells. You could also freeze the lemon peels with some vinegar. This way, you always have some cleaning cubes in the house when you start to notice the stench.

2. A new sponge

Your sponge could be the culprit when you have a certain smell in your kitchen. It’s a magnet for a lot of different bacteria and microorganisms. The solution: throw your sponge away and get a new one. You need to replace your sponge every few weeks.

3. Cleaning up little bits of food

Little things can start to smell big after a while. We’re talking about the little bits of food that get left behind in the drain of the sink or the dishwasher, the spilt food or drink, the dirt at the bottom of the bin, and so forth. Clean up crumbs or spilt food immediately! This helps to prevent vermin from getting into the house.

4. Baking soda in the fridge

You can combat an array of nasty smells by placing a small bowl of baking soda in the fridge. Are you already familiar with this trick? Then don’t forget to refresh the baking soda every three months. Baking soda is more effective when it covers a larger area so think about using a shallow bowl. Alternatively you could buy an air filter for baking soda. These are specially designed to make your fridge smell fresh.

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