This Is Why Your Refrigerator Should Always Be 4 Inches From The Wall

We explain how this works

We understand that if you bought a nice, new refrigerator, you want to put it as close to the wall as possible. But did you know that it’s better not to do this? Instead, you should make sure that you place it at least 10 inches away from the wall.

Not directly against the wall
A refrigerator has to work hard to get and keep it cool inside. Heat is also released during this process and is released through the grill at the back. For this reason, it is also very important that you do not put your refrigerator directly against the wall. If you do, the warm air can’t escape very well. Your refrigerator then has to work even harder to keep it cool inside and therefore uses more electricity.

Heat source
In addition to keeping your refrigerator away from the wall, it is also wise not to place it directly next to a heater or other heat source. If you do this, there will be very large temperature differences, which can also cause more condensation in the fridge. Your refrigerator will then become wet on the inside, and ice will form. You don’t want that!

Drain hole
Is your fridge near a heat source and do you constantly have a puddle of water in your fridge? Remarkably, the reason for this is not the heat source. The most common cause is a blockage in the drain hole. When this is blocked, you can get a puddle of water at the bottom. So always check carefully whether the drain hole is blocked. The best way to check this is to wrap tin foil around a wooden skewer and stick it in the hole. You will then see for yourself whether the hole is clogged or not.

Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels