10 x cleaning tips from your grandmother’s time that still work today

cleaning tips
People were using these cleaning tips 100 years ago already and they still work great!

We’re sure you’re familiar with them: those handy tips your grandmother used to give you that you still use to this day. You might not know about all of these old cleaning tips yet, which is why we’re sharing them with you today. They’re bound to make your life a little easier! Here are the 10 oldest but oh-so-handy cleaning tips your grandmother used to swear by.

No expensive, chemical cleaning agents; just a couple of good old grandmother’s cleaning tips to get the job done!

10. Dusting fans with a pillowcase

Dusting ceiling fans is a very tedious chore. They’re high up there at the ceiling, which means it’s difficult to properly reach the blades. Luckily, there’s a handy old tip for this and all you need is a pillowcase. Put the pillowcase over the blade and then pull the case towards you, wiping the dust as you go. This way, you’ll prevent a big dusty mess the next time you turn on the ceiling fan.

9. Remove stickiness using oil

Sure, those stick-on temporary tattoos are a ton of fun for the kids, but they’re not exactly easy to remove. The same goes for other sticky things around the house, like stickers on the bottom of newly bought dishes and tar underneath your shoes. Luckily, grandmother has a tip for that as well. Just use a bit of oil! Apply some olive oil to a soft cloth and use this to rub the sticky surface with. You’ll notice the stickiness will be completely gone in a jiffy.

8. Use soap against burn stains

Don’t worry: your pot or pan isn’t immediately ruined when you’ve accidentally burnt something and it’s all stuck on the bottom. Just fill the pot with hot water and a couple of drops of dish soap, bring it up to a boil and then use a spatula to carefully remove the burnt pieces and stains once they soften.

7. Kill weeds with boiling water

One of the biggest and most annoying chores in the garden is removing all of the weeds. They grow really fast in between tiles and all over the rest of your garden as well. An effective and simple tip to get rid of them is to pour boiling water over the weeds to kill them. Extra tip: add a tablespoon of salt to the boiling water to make it even more effective.

6. Shake your hard-boiled eggs

If you’re making deviled eggs, for example, you’re going to need hard-boiled eggs. But how do you know exactly when your eggs are cooked just right? The simple trick to make sure you’re taking the eggs out at the right time for the egg yolk to be nice and boiled is to shake the egg. If it feels like a stone, it’s done. If you feel something shaking around inside, it’ll need to boil a little while longer still.

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