This is why you should always let your dishwasher cool down before unloading it


Always let your dishwasher cool down!

We’re grateful for our dishwasher every single day when we load all of our dirty dishes into it. No dishes to do, no mess and it all comes out squeaky clean: such a luxury. But only few people know that a dishwasher is a breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t handle it correctly.

You might think the opposite is true, but your warm and damp dishwasher is actually a great place for bacteria to settle down and multiply.

The bacteria find their way into your beloved dishwasher through water and food scraps. This might not sound very disastrous, but it could actually lead to food poisoning. If you open the door of your dishwasher immediately after the washing program is done, all of those bacteria will enter your home through the hot air. Not very fresh at all!

Cool down
That’s why you should always let your dishwasher cool down before opening it. This makes sure that the hot air with the bacteria won’t spread immediately after you open the door. Plus, the worst dampness will be gone. Apart from that, it’s also just quite handy, because if you wait for an hour before unloading the machine, the dishes will be a lot drier as well. Another tip: use a clean cloth to wipe down the rubber seal around the door after every use. That’s much more hygienic! We’ll make sure to let our dishwasher cool down before unloading it from now; how about you?

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pixabay