This word search is baffling the internet! Can you solve it?

word search
This word search is frustratingly difficult!

Solving puzzles; who doesn’t love it? A complicated sudoku, a fun crossword puzzle or a challenging word search: we love them all!

This one is pretty hard, though.


But when you can’t solve a puzzle on your own, things can get a little frustrating. We have to admit we’ve sneaked a peek in the back of the booklet at times, but of course, we’d rather not do that. This word search we’ve got for you today is really difficult. The internet is even dubbing it ‘the most difficult ever’. Can you solve it?


So, what’s the deal with this puzzle? Somewhere in the jumble of letters down below, you can find the word ‘dog’. That seems really simple since you can see a ton of letters you need for that short little word. The word search only has 91 letters in it, but they’re the same three letters over and over again: ‘d’, ‘o’ and ‘g’. That makes it extra difficult to find the word. Can you find it? Look closely to the puzzle on the next page!