10 x cleaning tips from your grandmother’s time that still work today

5. Polish silver with toothpaste

Have you planned a fancy dinner at your home and do you notice at the last moment that your silverware isn’t as shiny and spotless as it used to be? Give it a good polish using toothpaste! Rub the toothpaste onto the silverware using a soft cloth, rinse it with water and then dry it with a clean cloth. Your silver will shine like never before and you’re ready for your dinner!

4. Remove sweat stains in clothes with lemon juice

Mix some lemon juice and salt together and apply this to the sweat stain in question. Leave it to sit and soak for half an hour and then rinse the clothes with vinegar and warm water. The last step is to put the clothing into the washing machine and wash it like you normally would. This natural cleaning agent is completely safe to use, even on delicate or vintage fabrics.

3. Clean jewellery using mineral water

Mineral water without any additives like lemon or other flavours will make your gold jewellery shine like never before. Combine the mineral water with dish soap and soak your gold jewellery in it for five minutes. This combination of ingredients removes dirt and makes sure your jewellery will look as good as new.

2. Polish copper with tomato ketchup

Just like you can polish silver with toothpaste, you can give your copper items back their original shine using tomato ketchup. Apply a good dollop of ketchup to a cloth, sprinkle some salt over it and then rub the mixture onto your copper pots, mugs or other items. The red-brown copper colour will come back and your items will look as good as new.

1. Putting flowers in hot water

Want to give wilted flowers another chance at life? Put them in hot water. Leave them there until the water has cooled down. By the time the water has cooled down, the flowers will be fresh again. Cut off the edges of the stalks and put the flowers back into normal, cold water.

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Source: Good Housekeeping | Image: Pixnio

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