Got white stains on your brick wall or garden tiles? With this trick you can easily get rid of them!

white stains

Away with those ugly white stains!

Do you live in a brick house or do you have brick or concrete tiles in your garden? Chances are those tiles have gotten a kind of white scale or efflorescence on them. It might seem difficult to get rid of these stains, but it’s actually really easy if you use this simple household solution.

You only need a couple ingredients!

Natural processes

Lime on brick or concrete tiles often takes on a white color, which can really mess up the look of your patio or the walls of your home. That’s not what you want! Lime staining and efflorescence is caused by natural processes. When it rains, the rain water comes into contact with the natural elements within the brick or tile, which leads to lime staining. You can never get rid of it completely, but you can reduce the white stains. We’ve got a tip for that!


First of all, you’ll need to give the tiles or bricks a good cleaning. Take out your vacuum cleaner and use it to vacuum the tiles with it. Next, fill a bucket with warm water and dish soap and scrub the tiles with that. Really get in there with the scrubbing, and then use a floor wiper to get rid of the water.

The trick

Now it’s time to start your fight with the white stains! Take a clean bucket and fill it with warm water and add about 300 ml bleach to it. Pour the mixture over the white stains on the tiles or bricks and let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Then use a broom to scrub clean your patio or wall. Are the tiles completely clean? Wipe away the water with a floor wiper again and dry the tiles by dabbing them with an old towel. Your tiles or bricks will look as good as new!

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Image: video stills Ecoform Europe