10 of the most brilliant cleaning tips

cleaning tips

6. Streak-free mirrors thanks to gin

Cleaning mirrors can be difficult because it’s so easy to see any streaks that are left behind. Luckily, this problem is easily solved with the help of a bit of gin!

7. Unclog your shower drain

Cleaning your shower drain can be even grosser than cleaning the toilet. Immediately going at it with all kinds of chemical cleaning products isn’t ideal. Did you know you can easily unclog the shower drain with some baking soda and vinegar?

8. Clean your windows with white vinegar

Want to make sure your windows are completely clean, streak-free and super shiny? Add a generous dash of white vinegar to a spray bottle with water. Spray this mixture onto your windows, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and your windows will look squeaky clean again!

9. Use a banana to clean your silverware

Silver is very pretty, but after a while, it always ends up a little tarnished. This has to do with oxidation. It’s very easy to bring silver back to its original shine and beauty, though, and all you need is a banana peel!

10. Mop the floor with cold water

Did you know it’s much more effective to mop your floor using cold water? If the water is warm, it evaporates more quickly and soap residue gets left behind on the floor, which can cause streaks. Using cold water will prevent this from happening.

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