Bread as a cleaning product? Let us explain how it works


Don’t throw out stale bread right away

These days, there are cleaning products for every little thing you can think of. We’ve got different kinds of cleaners for just our bathroom alone: a special one for mirrors and glass, one for the sink and a different one for the walls. But there are some things you don’t need to buy a cleaning product for. Bread works too!

This is a cheap way to get rid of stains.


When you remove the crusts from a slice of white bread and roll it up into a ball, you’ve got a veritable eraser, House Beautiful informs us. This ball of dough turned eraser can remove pencil strokes from paper but also smudges and stains from walls and kitchen cabinets. Isn’t that the most brilliant thing? Apparently, before the actual eraser was invented, people used moist bread crumbs to erase pencil strokes from paper. So, it’s definitely not a new thing.

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