Try adding some aspirin to your washing machine; the result is amazing

It happens way too often: you’ve bought a gorgeous item of clothing and a month after the purchase it starts to discolour already. And what about black clothes that go greyish before you know it? Luckily, there’s a simple trick to fix this. All you need is some black pepper!

Discoloured clothes

It’s a true eyesore, those discoloured clothes. Especially because it isn’t exactly a cheap exercise; when your clothing has lost or changed colour, you’re inclined to buy new clothes – and then the whole cycle starts anew. Time to break through this vicious circle with this handy little trick! If you add some black pepper to your washing machine, your laundry will come out looking bright and colourful again. Say goodbye to discoloured clothes!


This is how it works: put your discoloured clothes in the washing machine and add your usual laundry detergent. Then, add a teaspoon of black pepper to the machine. Wash the laundry on a cold cycle. You’ll see that the laundry will come out in its original colours. How does this work? Soap residue causes your clothes to become dull and pale more quickly. Because of the texture of the pepper, the soap residue doesn’t get a chance to stick to the clothes. This way your clothes won’t come out of the machine looking dull. Plus, this also prevents the colours from changing.

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